When Is Groundhog Day 2019?

Groundhog day 2019 is on February 2nd, Saturday, 33rd day of the year. There are about left until emerging of Groundhog from his burrow.

What Happens If The Groundhog Sees His Shadow?

The Groundhog Day is an event much popular in North America (USA), Canada, UK, and celebrated on the February 2 each year. According to tradition, on this day, one must observe the burrow entrance of a groundhog (aka woodchuck). In morning approximately at 7:15 AM local time, When the groundhog come out from his burrow and does not see its shadow because the weather is cloudy, it means winter will soon end. By cons, if groundhog sees its shadow because the weather is bright and clear, it will be frightened and take refuge back into its hole, and this means that winter will continue for six more weeks.

did the groundhog see his shadow

Did the groundhog see his shadow this year (2019)

Congratulations, according to reports of year 2019, groundhogs predict six more weeks of winter and early arrival of spring as per various locations, on behalf of visibility of its shadow.

Groundhog Day Results

Most recent Groundhog day results of 49 groundhogs from different locations and watch what did the groundhog see this morning; a shadow or an early spring.
GroundhogLocationSees ShadowResult / Prediction
Chesapeake ChuckNewport News, VirginiaYes6 more weeks in Spring
T-Boy the NutriaNew Orleans, LouisianaNoWinter will soon end
WoodyHowell, MichiganYes6 more weeks in Spring
UniMyerstown, PennsylvaniaYes6 more weeks in Spring
GusAthens, GeorgiaNoWinter will soon end
Octoraro OrphieQuarryville, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
Pierre C. ShadeauxNew Iberia, LouisianaYes6 more weeks in Spring
Punxsutawney PhilPunxsutawney, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
TumbleweedBrookfield, IllinoisNoWinter will soon end
Smith Lake JakeGraysville, AlabamaYes6 more weeks in Spring
Wynter the GroundhogMilwaukee, WisconsinNoWinter will soon end
Sir Thomas HastingsHastings, NebraskaNoWinter will soon end
Patty PagodaReading, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
MortimerGarner, North CarolinaNoWinter will soon end
Pine Grove GroverPine Grove, PennsylvaniaYes6 more weeks in Spring
Potomac PhilWashington, D.C.NoWinter will soon end
Flatiron FreddyBoulder, ColoradoYes6 more weeks in Spring
Dundas DonnaToronto, OntarioYes6 more weeks in Spring
Winnipeg WillowWinnipeg, ManitobaNoWinter will soon end
Western Maryland MurrayCumberland, MarylandYes6 more weeks in Spring
Susquehanna ShermanMount Wolf, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
Queen CharlotteCharlotte, North CarolinaYes6 more weeks in Spring
Poor RichardYork, PennsylvaniaYes6 more weeks in Spring
Oil Springs OllieOil Springs, OntarioYes6 more weeks in Spring
Octorara OrphieQuarryville, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
NibblesAsheville, North CarolinaNoWinter will soon end
Mount Joy MinnieLancaster County, PennsylvaniaYes6 more weeks in Spring
Manitoba MervWinnipeg, ManitobaNoWinter will soon end
Malverne MelMalverne, New YorkYes6 more weeks in Spring
Holtsville HalHoltsville, New YorkNoWinter will soon end
Grady the GroundhogChimney Rock, North CarolinaYes6 more weeks in Spring
FredVal d'Espoir, QuebecYes6 more weeks in Spring
Dover DougDover, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
Lawrenceville LucyLawrenceville, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
Cocalico CalEphrata, PennsylvaniaNoWinter will soon end
ChucklesManchester, ConnecticutNoWinter will soon end
Chattanooga ChuckChattanooga, TennesseeYes6 more weeks in Spring
Woodstock WillieWoodstock, IllinoisNoWinter will soon end
Wiarton WillieWiarton, OntarioNoWinter will soon end
Sir Walter WallyRaleigh, North CarolinaNoWinter will soon end
Shubenacadie SamShubenacadie, Nova ScotiaNoWinter will soon end
Jimmy the GroundhogSun Prairie, WisconsinNoWinter will soon end
General Beauregard LeeLilburn, GeorgiaNoWinter will soon end
French Creek FreddieFrench Creek, West VirginiaNoWinter will soon end
Buckeye ChuckMarion, OhioYes6 more weeks in Spring
Balzac BillyBalzac, AlbertaNoWinter will soon end
Dunkirk DaveDunkirk, New YorkYes6 more weeks in Spring
Staten Island ChuckStaten Island, New York City, New YorkNoWinter will soon end
Stormy MarmotAurora, ColoradoNoWinter will soon end

Last updated on May 17 2017

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Groundhog's Prediction Probability of Being Right

The forecast of a groundhog may be correct for a prolonged winter with clear sky or a mild winter with a cloudy sky, or finally completely wrong with these two situations. Since there are three possible cases:

Groundhog predicts the end of winter and soon it happens;
Groundhog predicts the end of winter in six weeks and this happens;
Groundhog predicts the end of winter soon and the opposite happens;
Groundhog predicts the end of winter in six weeks and the opposite happens;
Groundhog predicts the end of winter and soon it is longer than six weeks;
Groundhog predicts the end of winter in six weeks and it is longer than six weeks.

If the events were equally likely given the chance give a forecast three correct (2 of 6 possibilities) in this case is 33%. To determine the probability that a random result is correct, the statistics of previous years could be observed. In addition, the groundhog can not be held culpable if winter lasts more than six weeks because it has no way of knowing this forecast. So it should perhaps not recognize that the other cases.

results of Groundhog day 2019 video or live coverage / event transmission
The promoters of the event claim that the groundhog is correct between 75% and 90% of the time but a study by the Meteorological Service of Canada conducted over 30 to 40 years and counting thirteen cities shows the validity of the groundhog prediction is only 37%, a quite clear difference. The National Climatic Data Center of the United States noted an efficiency of 39%.

Origins of Groundhog Day

Where did the celebration of Groundhog Day come from? No one knows for sure, but it does appear to be linked with ancient celebrations of the coming of spring. Groundhog day occurs at the midpoint of winter, halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, so although it is often still cold, groundhog day marks the return of light and longer days. In ancient times, groundhog day marked the festival of Imbloc, a day to celebrate the first stirrings of spring from the depths of winter.

Groundhog day is also 40 days after the birth of Jesus. According to what was then Jewish belief, the mother and son had to go to the temple 40 days after Jesus was born. February 2 became the feast of Candlemas, a festival celebrating Mary and the infant Jesus, celebrated at the midpoint between winter and spring. This festival was celebrated with candles that were brought to church. These candles were blessed and thought to protect the household.

The myth about the groundhog emerging from his burrow to predict the coming of spring seems to be rooted in an ancient myth from early European beaver and bear cults. They believed that the life cycle of hibernating animals was a metaphor for human spiritual journeys—with winter and autumn symbolizing death and spring and summer rebirth and life. Shadows represented the dark side of humans, and if an animal emerged from hibernation with its shadow, it was said to have not fully slept the sleep of death, and had to go back into the earth until its shadow no longer remained. Settlers arriving in America adapted the groundhog to this old myth.

(Elliott, Doug. Wildwoods Wisdom: Encounters with the Natural World. New York: Paragon House. 1992.)

On Candlemas it is said that the groundhog appears from his burrow to look for his shadow. If he sees it he will go back into hibernation for six weeks. If he doesn’t, spring is on its way. Candlemas is associated with the sowing of crops: sunny weather forebodes harsh days and poor planting. In various countries, other animals have been used to foretell the weather: the badger in Germany, and the bear in France and England.It is easy to see how the following rhymes translated into our version of Groundhog Day predicting, “If the groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.”

Scottish couplet:

If Candlemass day is bright and clear,
There'll be two winters in the year.

English rhyme:

Half your wood and half your hay,
You should have on Candlemas day.

An old English song:

If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Come, winter, have another flight.
If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Go, winter, and not come again.

What Did The Groundhog Say

The groundhog say springs comes early and winter remains for six more weeks if, weather remains cloudy and groundhog does not see its shadow and vice versa, respectively. You may watch and check to see what did the groundhog predicted in 2019.

So what do you think? What your prediction about groundhog? Will the groundhog see his shadow this year 2019? Vote and comment.